Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Preview: (Oneshot) Maybe You're Right, Our Fans Are Crazy

Just an idea that Liz and I had. We should finish it within a day or two. I'm trying to get Space Jam up as fast as I can so don't hate me please >.< I really am trying but I've been busy with Early-Action college applications and *sigh* once January rolls around, it will be so much easier for me to get chapters up so thanks for being patient.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Nicki logged onto her Twitter and saw photos of Drake at the club the night before. Rapper Drake has been partying it up this past week in L.A. and if you’ve gotten his new album, you’d know why. “He’s been in L.A. for a week now and he hasn’t called me, let alone come to see me?” Nicki questioned herself in disbelief before picking up her phone and dialing his number.

 “Aubrey Drake Graham,” Nicki spoke into her phone, recording a voicemail after he didn’t pick up. “How dare you! You out partying with hoes instead of coming to see me but you supposedly love me huh? How about fuck you and delete my number.” She angrily hung up her phone. It was always the same thing with him. Maybe he really was too young for her...maybe it just wasn’t meant to be because his mind wasn’t in the right place.

I will not let him fuck up my beautiful day. I won’t. Nicki rubbed her temples and decided to go busy herself by dressing. Her clothes always seemed to put her in a better mood. She went through her closet and decided on something comfortable so she grabbed her colorful cheetah print jumpsuit and then went to her bathroom to take a shower. She took her time, massaging the soap into her skin and after she was satisfied, she got out of the shower and put on her clothes.

Makeup or no makeup? Nicki walked back into her closet and sat at her vanity table. Aubrey’s probably gonna bring his ass over and he likes me better without it. Guess that’s a yes. I’m not trynna please him anyway. Nicki shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to do her makeup.

After she was satisfied with her face, she brushed her long black hair into a ponytail and headed back downstairs to her living room. She picked up her laptop and decided to see what her fans were up to. She scrolled down her timeline and saw a few of them spazzing over some update. “What are they up to?” she muttered to herself before fishing around and finding the person they were talking about. The Dricki tag on Tumblr is poppin’

Nicki furrowed her brows and went to Tumblr. Of course she knew what Tumblr was but she still had no clue what they were talking about. Quickly, she made an account since she didn’t have one and looked around the website. “What in the hell are they talking about? Oh.” she saw the Search tags & blogs box and clicked it. DRICKI. “What?” she scrolled down the tag. “Wow.” What’s this? DrickiEverlasting. Nicki clicked the link and it took her to the blog. “Welcome to Dricki Everlasting! Here all Dricki fanfics across the web come to one place to be displayed.” Okay, I know what Dricki is but what in the absolute hell is a fanfic? Nicki navigated to the fanfics page and read the subtopics. Hmm, by author or in progress? I guess by author, maybe I’ll recognize some names.

Nicki clicked on a few names and opened them in new tabs. “Aw, she’s such a cute little barb.” Nicki said to herself and navigated to Dessi’s fanfic directory. “If I Ain’t Got Nothing, I Got You. Part One” Nicki clicked the link and began reading. Nicki was sitting in the middle of her king sized bed in her L.A. mansion going through old pictures of her and her on and off boyfriend, Drake. For the last five years Drake wanted to be with Nicki and even marry her if she’d approve, but being afraid of getting hurt or being ridiculed by media always made Nicki choose to keep their love hidden. Something Drake couldn’t stand.

“What?” Nicki quickly opened another tab on her computer and Googled Definition of Fan Fiction. After reading the results, she stared at her computer in disbelief. “Could they really, really be writing stories about us?” Nicki went back to the current story opened up on her browser and continued reading the story. She became so engrossed in the the stories that she didn’t even notice she had over twelve tabs open on her computer, nor did she hear her phone ringing. Hours had passed and Drake was just now calling her back.

“What do you want?” Nicki glared at her screen. “I called you three hours ago.”

“I’m sorry. I had a crazy night but I can explain when I get there. You gonna make me breakfast?” Drake asked hopefully and Nicki kissed her teeth. “Nigga you wish. Plus, It’s eleven-thirty and I’m still mad at you.”

“Alright, brunch then?”

“No matter what kind of meal it is, I’m not cooking for you ‘cause you don’t deserve it. Now either I’ll see you when I see you or I won’t see you at all. Goodbye.” Nicki hung up her phone and clicked on a few more authors.

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  1. can i be a part of the One Shot please?

    1. Sure. Do you have a tumblr or something?

  2. LOVING it so far! Its different i like that! Amazing job so far!!! (:

  3. OMGGG. You had me feeling so paranoid!! Lmao this is why I keep my twitter accounts separate and will forever stay known as "Carlee" when discussing my fics. Lmao but I really loved this!! Thanks for the post but not so much the paranoia that has kicked in :( lmfao